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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ah godaddy

I used to be a big fan of GoDaddy - I used them both to host my own domain names plus many client domains. But lately I've been soured by ongoing stupid problems. The main one is that there seems to be some bug in there contact tracking - for some reason old and incorrect email and other contact info keeps getting into their database for my domain names! It's very weird - yesterday I was renewing a domain for a client, and noticed that the tech contact was actually set to the address of a company I worked at six years ago! This domain was registered years after I'd left the company, I see now what that the address info could've gotten in there.

I've also had problems with the email address info refusing to be updated. I'll go through and change all the domains to use a correct email address, and a few months later I'll notice some had reverted back to an old email address for an ISP that I left years ago. As above, often times these are domains that I've registered after leaving the ISP, so there's no reason I would have entered that email for the domain! I've had domains expire on me because I never received expiration warnings, presumably because they were sent to the wrong email.

So, along with an impending server move, I'm planning to begin migrating my domains away from godaddy. God only knows how well that'll go if they can't even keep contact details correct.

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