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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another great use for Firebug - testing on a live site!

Making CSS changes to a live site can obviously be problematic. Obviously any change you make will be viewed by everyone. It's even trickier when the change will be a "limited time" type of change - i.e. adding a special ad for one day, etc. You're only real option is to create a special page on the site where you can test the changes - but what if you don't have that sort of access? Often a designer will have to work on such a change, but has no real access to see how the changes will actually look on the live site.

Firebug comes through again in this situation! I was working on changes to a site that would only be live for one day, but I need to see how these css changes will affect the live site as it stands now. So, I uploaded the images involved to the server, and then used Firebug to add the CSS within style tags in the head of the page. This css only exists on my local machine, so it doesn't affect the live site in any - but it lets me test the actual CSS that will be used when these changes go live. The plan is to just add the special CSS via the usual link tag one the day in question, at the bottom of head area where it will override any other CSS files being used. Then when the run is over, just remove the linktag and you're back to normal!

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