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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Quick tip - imagemagick

Had to update a site today to allow its automated thumbnail creation to pad out the thumbnail with a background color, so that all the thumbs were the same size. Took a little digging to find this helpful page. The first example, using extent 100x100 worked well enough on the command line, but oddly enough wouldn't worked when called from PHP. So I used the second method that crops the image, and that worked fine.

Also, I had some good feedback on the VI automation post, and actually had a pretty long post with more examples/tips - but blogger got buggered up by some of the HTML used in the example, and I abandoned the post out of annoyance. Seriously, I sort of assumed blogger stripped tags out by converting ">" to ">", etc - apparently not. Oh well, I'll do it again at some point when i get a chance.

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