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Saturday, April 12, 2008

MT custom registration fom?

Spent most of yesterday on this problem. A client needed a way to add a checkbox to his user registration form to opt in to a mailing list on an MT4-based website. Seems like this is exactly the kind of thing a CMS like MovableType should allow, right?

Well, not so much. Or at least not any way that I could find short of actually modifying the base MT code itself. Sure, you can modify the user profile fields (through "custom fields") - but that's what the user edits after creating the account - he wants it as part of the initial account creation process.

It really seems like this should be totally and easily doable - I find it hard to believe that no one with an MT4 site has ever wanted to do this before! Perhaps I was just using the wrong google terms or something to find it - so please if anyone has any tips drop a comment or something!

Incidentally I find it kind of ironic that I spent more time trying to do something simple in a CMS than it would have taken to just add the capability to a custom-coded CMS...

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