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Friday, April 18, 2008

MT4 - Amateur Hour?

I've been working on a few MT4 sites, and so far I'm less than impressed. For one, their "documentation" is hardly that. It's incomplete, and often times inaccurate. For example, while researching custom fields, the official docs show a screenshot of the custom fields form in the admin control panel that includes fields at aren't even in the actual product.

Even better, when I click the "Help" button from within the MT4 control panel, I get a 404 error. Nice!

And I constantly have problems with republishing not actually updating files on a static blog - what's up with that? I've even had one installation stop showing entries on the homepage altogether, even with the default main index template being used! The entries are still there on archive pages, but apparently on the main index can't find them for some reason.

Sometimes, I really wonder if it's worth messing with all these CMSs - I'm trying to add a very simple feature to an MT4 powered site, and am totally stymied. It's the kind of thing that would require an hour or two of work on a custom-coded CMS, but I've spent a couple days now fighting with MT4. I'm about to just give up and say it can't be done with extensive customizing of the back-end code, and who knows what problems that may cause down the line, with upgrades, etc.


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