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Monday, May 5, 2008

Quick movable type issue/fix

Found a fix for this movabletype issue recently. I was having problems with an MT-driven site not returning search results. It would come back with a "500 Internal Server Error" with a log message of "Premature end of script headers".

Turns out this was due to the fact that this search was running over a very large site (thousands of entries), and presumable the search was timing out. Would be nice to have more descriptive errors! Anyways, it was fixed by limiting the number of days back that the search covered via the SearchCutoff parameter in mt-config.cgi.

Maybe that'll help someone and save the some time!

As an aside, it may also be helpful to know that when you set the system up to include results from multiple blogs, the system does not use the template that you can modify through the MT admin - rather it uses a file that you'll have to "manually" edit on the server (search_templates/default.tmpl by default). This is pretty clear from the docs, but you have to know to look. And this is for MT3.3 - if I recall you can edit the file through the admin in MT4.

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