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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Damn itunes

Ok, I don't generally use iTunes. (don's apple fanboy-proof suit). To me, it's like using a sledgehammer to kill a fly, serious overkill to just play mp3s. But I also have a podcast, and since that's what most people use to listen to the show, I installed iTunes on my new vista machine so that I could check to make sure the new episodes show up right.

Well, since installing it, I've noticed that it just randomly will start up, for no apparently reason. Certainly not when I actually start it... I'll just be doing whatever, then I'll notice - hey, itunes just startd up for some reason."

Now, I think it's related to when I download an mp3 file - like through Juice, which is what I use to track podcasts. Although itunes seems to start at other times as well.

I've dug all through the damn itunes options and turned off anything that seemed to have anything to do with letting it "automatically" discover music or whatever. No luck. I even turned off the apple server - still no luck. So it was time for iTunes to go. This is retarded.

Of course, it doesn't have it's own uninstaller. That'd be too easy. A quick google search turns up this page. Does anyone else thing it a little ridiculous that it would take 24 steps - plus a reboot - to get rid of a damn mp3 player? I mean, that sounds like something you'd get from, I don't know Microsoft for god's sake. Ugh, good riddance.

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