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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Google Chrome - first impressions

I figured I'd join in all the Chrome posts. Why not? I've been messing with it a little.

First, I like the speed, and mostly like the interface. The lack of a search box is a little off-putting at first, but I'll get used to using the location bar for that. It has some neat little features like the task manager and 'inspect element' capability built-in. The "Create application shortcut" functionality is pretty handy as well.

Some problems I've noticed - for one I had some weird issues entering text into a text box after I'd resized it. You may have noticed text boxes have little "grab" areas at the lower right that let you resize them... Which is a great idea, but after using it I had problems with characters and lines of text I typed getting messed up, disappearing, etc.

I also had a problem with a site I had chrome remember passwords for - it did so, but when I was using the admin back-end of the site to edit user accounts, it would mistake the forms intended to let me reset the user's passwords as a login form and fill them in with my password! Obviously, that could cause some problems :) - this was on a phpbb-based forum.

All in all though, I think it's a nice entry to the browser frag-fest. Certainly better than IE7. If it could run FF extensions like firefox and mouse gestures, I'd probably use it full-time!


Vimal said...

chromes caching is pathetic .. its saves everything in exclusive mode making it unavailable for other tabs .. too bad .. if u open the same site in another tab it downloads the entire thing

The Author said...

I imagine that's part of their attempt to make each tab independent of the others, so one crashing doesn't take down the whole shebang... It is kind of annoying though.

The incognito feature is kind of handy. On the other hand, I've noticed play back of flash videos doesn't seem to work right - it always freezes part way in.