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Friday, October 31, 2008

Dropbox - very handy!

Been using Dropbox for a while, and I have to say I've had pretty much zero problems with it. I'd previously mentioned trying Badongo, and that didn't work very well at all, so Dropbox is looking pretty good!

Dropbox acts as a "cloud" synchronization tool. Basically, you specify where your dropbox folder will be on a computer. Anything put in that folder is sync'd with their service, as well as with any other comptuters registered with your dropbox account.

I regularly work on three different computers, and this is proving to be very handy for keeping files current. If I need to go work on the laptop somewhere, I know it has the same basic files as my main work computer.

If you delete a file, it will be deleted from the other computers. This makes sense since it's a syncing utility, but at first it seemed to counteract Dropbox's claim that it's also useful for backing up data. After all, if something happens and the dropbox folder is deleted, there goes your data!

Well, I was wrong on that - while it does delete files from the other computers, a copy is kept in the "cloud" - meaning you can go to their site, and choose "view deleted files" to see the files that have been deleted, and then restore them as needed.

I haven't tried anything other than the windows version, but they claim to have max and linux versions, which is pretty cool. Right now there's a free 2 gigabyte plan (what I'm using) - but apparently there will be bigger plans coming.

If someone needs an invite, post a comment with your email address and I'll send an invite. Don't think they're necessary any more though.

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